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August 26, 2021by purpose0

Exterior cracks, uneven floors, rotten wood, interior sheetrock cracks, and title cracks are the few warning signs that often get us worried. It’s quite common to have foundation issues so hiring professional help would not always be recommended when you can resolve the minor foundation issues yourself.

Fixing a foundation issue sounds impossible but frankly, it’s not that unachievable. Some minor foundation issues do not even require any special skill or anything to be fixed. To move ahead, you first have to judge whether the foundation issue is major or minor? If you need professional help or can fix yourself. If the issue is minor, not hiring help would be economical.

To be able to fix the minor issues yourself, here’s what you have to do;

  • Need to have basic knowledge
  • Identify the issue
  • Seek professional advice
  • Research and list down the best possible solutions
  • Have all the right tools
  • Have the confidence to do that

Need to have the basic knowledge

The foundation issues are complex, even the minor ones need a little know-how. A person who has never fixed crawl space, small cracks in the walls/doors, leaky/clogged kitchen/bathroom pipe, popcorn ceiling, and replaced faucet, etc may never be able to fix the minor foundation issues without any professional help. So before taking the foundation issue on your shoulders, you need to ask yourself if you are capable of handling the job or not? Without a little know-how technical mind, you may never be able to resolve at least the foundation issue yourself.

Identify the issue

Wall cracks, floor cracks, settling, upheaval, gaps around the windows and doors, sagging, damp crawl space, masonry patches, sealants, slab jacking, spot, helical, concrete, and steel piers are the few common foundation issues. It’s important to mention here that not all the above-mentioned issues can be resolved without any professional help.

Well, it’s quite obvious but still, we have to say it anyway. To be able to fix the foundation issue, you need to identify the issue itself first. Once the issue is identified, you can move further, judge whether you can fix it or not, and find a possible solution.

Research and list down the best possible solutions

Once the foundation issue is identified, you can begin searching for possible solutions. As the foundation issues are great in number the solutions will be as well. Ask your friends or choose to search online, you would definitely end up finding one or two solutions for your foundation problem. If there are several solutions, we would recommend you to list them down all. So, you can compare and find the best possible cure for your problem.

Seek the professional advice

We are not suggesting you take professional help, if the issue is minor you can simply discuss it with a professional and find a possible cure. The information or the possible solutions you find on the internet may or may not work for you. Do not hesitate to have a professional’s comment even if you know what you have to do.

The professional advice would not only help you in nipping the evil in the bud but might make you save a few bucks as well. So, even if it sounds useless, try seeking professional advice, you would still be allowed to follow your heart.

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Have all the right tools

If you are done identifying the issue, researching the solution, getting a professional’s comment, it’s time for you to have all the right tools for the job. You can buy all the needed tools or choose to borrow from your friends, family, or acquaintances. Remember! the foundation issue always needs a quick fix, so do not waste any more time, gather all the supplies and tools, and move ahead with the plan.

Have the confidence to do that

Now that you have the issue identified, know the solution, and have got everything you need to fix the foundation issue that has been bothering you for a long time. All you need to do right now is to have faith in yourself that you can fix the issue yourself. That confidence or faith will surely declare you victorious.


The foundation issues can be annoying, if left untreated the issues will start getting worse day by day. For this reason, the experts advise us to deal with the foundation issues as soon as possible. You need to know that only a few foundation issues can be fixed without any professional help. The major issues would cost you around several hundred dollars and demand you to hire professional help. The minor issues can easily be resolved. All you have to do is identify the issue, research and find the possible cure, seek professional advice, have all the right tools and faith in yourself that you can do that.


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