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Foundations are undoubtedly the most important part of a building structure supporting the weight and ensuring stability. However, foundations shift and degrade over time leading to cracking walls and sticking doors. Most homeowners observe foundation problems when the aforementioned signs start to appear. It is also an indicator to call an expert for inspection and evaluation.

Often, homeowners delay the foundation repair because of a lack of money or other reasons. If not fixed or repaired quickly, damaged foundations can lead to irreparable damage and unsafe structure. The longer you take it to fix, the costlier it will be to repair.

So, if you are facing a similar problem right now, you may want to know how much would slab foundation repair cost? The prompt evaluation and professional repair will minimize the cost to some extent.

How Much Does Slab Foundation Repair Cost?

Slab foundation repair can be expensive because of the material used. It also depends on the type of foundation, surrounding soil, and the extent of the damage. Slab Foundation repair is usually done in the Northern part of the states due to the area’s climate conditions.

On average, slab foundation repairs would cost the following

  • The estimated cost for slab foundation repair ranges from $3500-$6500. It can be higher or lower depending on the condition of the foundation.
    Highly damaged, severely cracked, or sloping slabs generally cost more. Expect to pay more or less $10000.
  • Crack repair, being part of the complex repair plan, can cost $500-$2500.
  • Usually, underpinnings are needed for the foundation to regain strength, therefore, it requires piers or pilings every 6-8 feet in the damaged area, the cost varies depending on the type and number of piers. Interior and exterior pier cost $125-$175 and $350-$600 respectively. Cutting holes further add $75-$125.
  • Most people put off repair till the foundation starts to deteriorate. In that case, repair expenses are generally more than anticipated. When the problem is addressed early on with prompt evaluation and professional help, the total cost of repair will be minimized.

The concrete slab foundations constructed for houses are smaller than the ones built for commercial structures. The aforementioned estimates are average costs and may vary relative to different factors.

Therefore, it is important to hire a contractor for property evaluation and learn more about the concrete slab foundation repair costs. The contractor will evaluate the extent of damage, the material expected to be used, and the number of foundation piers required. These elements impact the price needed to be spent on foundation repair.

How to Know There Are Slab Foundation Problems To Repair?

Not many people understand the indicators that point towards foundation repair. If you observe any of the following signs, there is a slab problem to fix.

  • A badly damaged foundation can be determined from the sizable foundation cracks and improperly closing doors.
  • A severely tilted slab foundation can indicate that it needs fixing immediately. For repair, dozens of piers would be required which adds to the cost.
  • Massive settling and other foundation problems not only need an extra cost but increase the servicing time of the foundation.

Minimizing the Cost of Slab Foundation Repair

Monitor the slab from time to time and get the repairs done promptly to minimize costs. If the problem remains unevaluated and unresolved, wind, weather, and other things will cause further damage which may or may not be expensive to repair.

To detect a problem, perform a quick inspection to check any slab cracks. If, upon inspection, you discover unleveled floor, moved foundation, and sticking doors, fix it quickly, and put an end to any slab foundation repair issues.

Slab Foundation Cost

Factors that Affects Slab Foundation Repair Cost

The following factors greatly influence the overall cost of slab foundation repair.

The Extent of Damage – Prices will differ when you take the extent of slab damage into account. The severe the damage, the more cost will incur to fix it. Broken or uneven slab foundations may cost over $20000 if the issues grow.
Pier – A titled or badly damaged slab foundation will require more piers to fix. With each added pier, the cost will further increase.
Types of Piers – There are two types of Piers; Interior and Exterior Piers. Interior pier requires more labor to crack concrete slab. They are expensive to install than the exterior ones.
Foundation Project – The cost will be affected by how massive the foundation project is. Costs will vary for small houses and commercial structures.
Location – Each state and regions have different rates set by the contractors. In urban areas, the servicing cost is usually higher.


Any foundation problem should be addressed promptly to save cost and avoid any irreparable damage. You can find plenty of contractors online or locally to get the job done.

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